miácacai (Rupornis magnirostris)


The material shared in this entry was documented as part of a British Academy funded research project in 2018 on Ayoreo bird knowledge in the Paraguayan Chaco (Wyndham, PI). The information and drawings come from 8-10 individuals interviewed during July 2018; all gave explicit permission to share the information with the public so as to increase public appreciation of Ayoreo language, ecological knowledge, and deep ties to the landscapes of the northern Chaco. 

Alternate name: miácacai, miaakaka

Esp. Taguató

Traditional Knowledge: 

Español: Canta al inicio, cuando va a empezar o para que empiece el sequere (verano, tiempo de plantación), diciendo, “ka ka ka ka.” Anuncia que va a haber sequía cuando canta en un árbol alto a mediodía.

Le gusta comer cualquier clase de pájaro, come otra clase. Es/era una mujer siempre llorona, a cada rato.

Ayo. Miácacai iasique uje idogosi siqueré iasiquevú.

Eng. This bird sings at the beginning of the dry season, or when it is going to begin the sequere  (summer, time of planting), saying, "ka ka ka ka." It announces that there will be drought when it sings in a tall tree at noon.

This bird likes to eat any kind of bird, and other things. She is/was a woman always weeping, every time.

Imesi Dosapé
Location Description: 

Traditional Ayoreo territories of the Northern Chaco, Paraguay & Bolivia

Territorios tradicionales Ayoreo del Chaco Norte, Paraguay y Bolivia

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