ngongoó (Crypturellus undulatus)


The material shared in this entry was documented as part of a British Academy funded research project in 2018 on Ayoreo bird knowledge in the Paraguayan Chaco (Wyndham, PI). The information and drawings come from 8-10 individuals interviewed during July 2018; all gave explicit permission to share the information with the public so as to increase public appreciation of Ayoreo language, ecological knowledge, and deep ties to the landscapes of the northern Chaco.

Nombre alternativo: Hojó

Esp. Perdíz chica

Traditional Knowledge: 

Esp. Anuncia lluvia: si canta en la mañana lloverá en la tarde – llora pues no quiereque su nido se moje. 

Necesita monte alto y para comer hojas de árboles.

Es una señorita y le gusta a los jóvenes y siempre acompaña por cada día.

Ayo. Cuiquejai chujá dachaquipie imoyu geui ga bequé ue guedé ôsí.

Ayo. Ome ayoede uode chujupene maobe. Choike nake eiji eami uje. 

Kucha Ike uposode chujupene.

Eng. This bird announces rain: if it sings in the morning it will rain in the afternoon - she cries because she does not want her nest to get wet.

This bird needs high woods and leaves of trees to eat.

She is a young lady and she likes young people and always accompanies people every day.

Imesi Dosapé
Location Description: 

Traditional Ayoreo territories of the Northern Chaco, Paraguay & Bolivia

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