John J. Audubon’s Birds of America-- images in the public domain

Follow this link to find bird pictures from John J. Audubon’s Birds of America collection.

"John James Audubon's Birds of America is a portal into the natural world. Printed between 1827 and 1838, it contains 435 life-size watercolors of North American birds (Havell edition), all reproduced from hand-engraved plates, and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration. Nearly 200 years later, the Audubon prints are coming to life once again, thanks to our vibrant digital library."


If you wish to use this resource, follow the link in the text above and download the picture you want to use. Then upload the picture to Scald on this website. You can now use this picture in your digital heritage item. Make sure you follow the rights and permissions of this resource! If it states that you must cite the source then make sure you do!

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