júntungú (Pitangus sulphuratus; Megarynchus pitangua)


Alternate name spelling: utuju

The material shared in this entry was documented as part of a British Academy funded research project in 2018 on Ayoreo bird knowledge in the Paraguayan Chaco (Wyndham, PI). The information and drawings come from 8-10 individuals interviewed during July 2018; all gave explicit permission to share the information with the public so as to increase public appreciation of Ayoreo language, ecological knowledge, and deep ties to the landscapes of the northern Chaco.

Traditional Knowledge: 

Esp. Es muy raro que llore de noche—si llora cerca de una aldea está anunciando que alguien morirá pronto.

Ayo. Chatatájetá toinjê.

Eng. It is very rare for this bird to cry at night-if it cries near a village it is announcing that someone will die soon.

Imesi Dosapé
Location Description: 

Traditional Ayoreo territories of the Northern Chaco, Paraguay & Bolivia