tiínta (Polytmus guainumbi)


The material shared in this entry was documented as part of a British Academy funded research project in 2018 on Ayoreo bird knowledge in the Paraguayan Chaco (Wyndham, PI). The information and drawings come from 8-10 individuals interviewed during July 2018; all gave explicit permission to share the information with the public so as to increase public appreciation of Ayoreo language, ecological knowledge, and deep ties to the landscapes of the northern Chaco.

Cultural Narrative: 

Alternate name: saamia, any hummingbird [Trochilidae] (cualquier picaflor)

Traditional Knowledge: 

Esp. Los colibríes pueden traer buena o mala noticia. Si alguno vuela cerca hay que decirle, "¡Vas a darme buena noticia!" (Es un dicho que proviene de los Yshir).

Ayo. Tiínta chatatá pujomé omona jeoga noñangoné. Ojingaame “Omeja jé!”

Eng. Hummingbirds can bring good or bad news. If someone flies nearby you have to say, "You're going to give me good news!" (It's a saying that comes from the Yshir).

Imesi Dosapé
Location Description: 

Traditional Ayoreo territories of the Northern Chaco, Paraguay & Bolivia

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