Category - Categories (one is required; we encourage as many relate to the entry) are picked by the contributor when they create an Digital Heritage item. They are not meant to be exhaustive, but to provide good search and browse indexing. Editors may add categories to an entry; specific details not covered by EWA's existing Categories should be added as Keywords.

Comments Comments can be made by any registered EWA User, and these appear at the bottom of page. Comments will be moderated.

Communities – EWA Users who share a common interest, language, or cultural heritage may create a Community. Within a Community, different Cultural Protocols can be used to control visibility of materials. More about this here.

Community Administrator -  user who manages a Community. Can add members, create new Cultural Protocols, and create Digital Heritage items for the Community.

Community Member - user who is a member of a Community and can submit entries with group visibility, but not add members.

Contributor - User who contributes content to EWA - must have a user account to create entries (user log-in) and be over 16 years of age (under-16s may contribute with the help of an adult).

Cultural Protocols can be assigned to groups and to individual items. Using these protocols allows you to determine how content can be made visible to members of the group. Examples of protocols are: "Gender: Male", or "Age: Elder". Read more about this here.

Curators – [currently in development] In the future EWA will rely on a community of volunteer Curators to review content contributions and work with contributors in their region, language, or area of expertise.

Digital Heritage – This is the most common 'entry' or individual contribution to the atlas, consisting of narrative(s), audio, video, or pictures. In order for people to find your entry in the database, you need to identify what your entry is about by using an informative title and summary, Categories and Keywords, including the names of birds referenced. 

Explore - You can explore the kind of material that has been shared on EWA from the home page Explore > Digital Heritage, BirdWords, Communities, Collections, or StoryMap

Keywords: Keywords are tags to indicate topics that are not covered by Categories, in a Digital Heritage contribution. EWA encourages multiple keywords but does not require a minimum. Frequently-used Keywords may be converted to Categories by EWA administrators from time to time.

Login Profile – When you decide to contribute an entry, you need to register to become an EWA user. Your EWA Profile contains information you choose to share about yourself, a record of your EWA Entries and Personal Collections, Communities and Cultural Protocols. 

Personal Collections – You may want to collect pictures of bird imagery on pottery, or you may wish to assemble the ultimate collection of chicken soup recipes. Whatever your goal, EWA Collections allow you to gather together the Digital Heritage that is of interest to you.

Protocol Steward - A user who manages a particular Cultural Protocol. Can add or remove members from a Protocol.

SCALD - stands for Content Attribution Licensing and Distribution. This is Mukurtu's module for managing media: read more here.

Search - There are many ways to explore EWA, but if you are looking for something more specific, such as contributions on paintings made on eggs, you can look at Categories and Keywords to see what topics have contributed material. If you are looking for material on a specific bird, or language, see Keywords for names lists.

Upload a file via SCALD: You may upload the following file formats (max 2 MB): ppt pptx xls xlsx doc docx odt pdf txt csv odg sxw ods rtf zip rar gz 7z tar.

Work-in-progress - EWA is this.