Mapping and Land Rights Resources

A list of resources related to land rights, (counter)mapping Indigenous territories, and related things

LandMark Maps Website:

"LandMark is the first online, interactive global platform to provide maps and other critical information on lands that are collectively held and used by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The global platform is designed to help Indigenous Peoples and communities protect their land rights and secure tenure over their lands. LandMark provides several categories of data to show the land tenure situation for Indigenous Peoples and communities, as well as potential pressures on their lands, changes in land cover over time, and their contributions to protecting the environment."


MappingBack   "The Mappingback gallery is a source of information on a variety of topics related to mapping, extraction and alternative forms of Indigenous cartographies of expression. This is where you can find projects supported by the collective, our workshops, as well as featured projects."


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