January 5, 2022
Andy Gosler, EWA Research Director, talks about EWA at the ICCB Conference Dec 14, 2021. The talk is called 'The Ethno-ornithology World Atlas (EWA): affirming local voices in conservation', which is available to watch by clicking on the title of this new item and following the link.
November 2, 2020
On 28 October 2020 EWA's co-founder and Research Director Andrew (Andy) Gosler was made Professor of Ethno-ornithology in the University of Oxford, UK. We are delighted to have this affirmation of our work building EWA together as a place to share stories of people, birds and place, putting ethno-ornithology on the map. Oxford is proud to host the first Professor of Ethno-ornithology in the world.