Blackbird eating raisins in home garden


The video shows a blackbird (T. merula) in a home garden in Cornwall, UK. The owner of the house has spent many months building a relationship with the blackbird by leaving raisins for him on the outside table behind the house. The home owner has named the bird "Bill". Bill visits multiple times a day, often bringing his mate (named Brenda) and their three offspring. They are now well aclimatised to human presence and will come and eat raisins from a person's hand, or visit when there are people also sitting at the table (which is how this video is filmed). 

In the background of the video, you can also hear the home-owner's domestic African Grey Parrot (P. erithacus) imitating the home owner, who often whistles riffs from pieces of jazz music to him - in the video he is reciting a bar from Dave Brubeck's track "Take Five". 

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