The Feather Book

Follow this link to find bird illustrations made of feathers by Dionisio Minaggio.

"The Feather Book was created by Dionisio Minaggio, the Chief Gardener of the State of Milan in 1618. The Feather Book is a collection of illustrations made completely of bird feathers - with a few added extras. The majority of the pictures represent the birds of Lombardy - the area of Italy around Milan. They are complete with beaks and claws and, in a few cases, you can also see the skin of the head underneath the feathers."


If you wish to use this resource, follow the link in the text above and download the picture you want to use. Then upload the picture to Scald on this website. You can now use this picture in your digital heritage item. Make sure you follow the rights and permissions of this resource! If it states that you must cite the source then make sure you do!

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