Supplemental Materials for articles on Bird Sign: Full Data Sources List & Links to Dataset

Online supplemental materials for the articles Wyndham and Park 2022 and Wyndham and Park 2018, published by The Condor (now Ornithological Applications) and the Journal of Ethnobiology respectively.

This supplemental references list belongs to the following articles:

Wyndham, F., and K. Park (2022). Bird signs can be important for ecocultural conservation by highlighting key information networks in people-bird communities. Ornithological Applications.


Wyndham, F. S., and K. E. Park (2018). “Listen carefully to the voices of the birds”: a comparative review of birds as signs. Journal of Ethnobiology 38:533–549.

Our excel spreadsheet/ database is available at the link to Ornithological Applications article above

Online Supporting Material: Literature Used in Data Collection, by Decade of Publication. Our full data-reference list was too lengthy to publish with our two journal articles so we share it here. All eHRAF citations were accessed in July 2016. Full publications can be read via the document id link provided after each citation if your computer is connected through institutions with an eHRAF subcription (add before the document id).



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Wyndham&Park_2018_BirdsAsSignifiersDataset_v.1.xlsx, by Felice Wyndham, Karen Park

Please cite this dataset as:  Wyndham, Felice S. and K.E. Park. 2018. Birds as Signifiers Dataset (Version 1 [or other number]). Retrieved from [date].


The citation for the full published article is:. Felice S. Wyndham & Karen E. Park. 2018. “Listen Carefully to the Voices of the Birds”: A Cross-Cultural Review of Birds as Signs. Journal of Ethnobiology 38(4): 533-549.​ The article is viewable (open access) at: Felice S. Wyndham, Karen E. Park "“Listen Carefully to the Voices of the Birds”: A Comparative Review of Birds as Signs," Journal of Ethnobiology, 38(4), 533-549, (21 December 2018)

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