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A name for the Long-tailed Tit. Like bumbarrel, the name is a reference to the nest, which is the shape of a decanter-like spherical bottles commonly used in England in the 17th century. These were squat and spherical and perhaps help date the name. Many Long-tailed Tit names, including bumbarrel and bottle-tit refer to brewing, and the production and consumption of alcoholic beverage and especially beer. This is more interesting when we note that many bird names with nest and egg references (note the egg-marking names of buntings) were most likely coined by children who collected eggs. The nest is an enclosed ball of moss hair and lichen held together with spider's web.
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Folk name from Sussex, England

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Spanish wines were popular in England for many centuries. The picture shows a Spanish wine bottle of the 1890s. In its woven blanket, it is remarkaably reminiscent of a Long-tailed Tit nest illustrated here by Lee Barber

Late 19th century Spanish wine bottle.jpg

Late 19th century Spanish wine bottle, found 25 Aug 2020 at

Long-tailed Tit nest by Lee Barber at BTO.jpg, by AGosler from

Long-tailed Tit nest by Lee Barber at BTO.jpg on Twitter


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