Multilingual BirdWord Posters (Adar â rhywbeth i'w ddweud / Birds that tell people things)

These posters are part of a BirdWords series called "Birds That Tell People Things" -- eventually, there will be several for various languages worldwide. We share these printable and editable birdword posters for your use.

Multilingual BirdWord Posters are fun and colourful ways to raise awareness of local languages, folk names, and cultural information about birds. 

Click here to view a printable PDF poster showing Cymru (Welsh) bird names and traditional sayings/ predictions about birds and their calls:

Please cite as: Wyndham, Felice S. 2014. Adar â rhywbeth i'w ddweud / Birds that tell people things. Oxford: EWA BirdWords publishers.

Click here for a downloadable powerpoint poster template that can be edited to fit your own educational needs/ local languages and knowledge: 

The idea of this template is to more-or-less follow the layout, but selecting and substituting your data and photos in each text box and photo area on the powerpoint slide. The slide in this file is sized to be printed as a very large poster (thus the text font is rather small for reading on a screen or if printed at a smaller size). I recommend that you replace the background landscape/ skies photo with one that depicts the land/skies of the region your birds come from. 

For the BirdWords (Welsh) Poster the quoted folk knowledge was collected and published by Rev. Elias Owen in 1896 as Welsh folk-lore: a collection of the folk-tales and legends of North Wales; being the prize essay of the national Eisteddfod, 1887. The Project Gutenberg eBook #20096. The 'Birds That Tell People Things' poster concept was developed by Myfany Turpin, Veronica Dobson, M.K. Turner and Alison Ross in collaboration with linguists and Arandic language speakers for the Cultural Signs project, Charles Darwin University, Australia. 

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Wales, United Kingdom (general)

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