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10.4.1 To dive by falling (over) - Plonger en tombant ou culbutant ð 6.2.30

Galice: Figueiraschumbarto dive (birds)
Ital.: Nap.tsumbáto swing
Span.sumirto dive
Franç.tomberto fall
Franç.sombrerto sink
Germ.tümpelGannet, 108
Ital.: Bient.tambáuGannet, 108 from its spectacular dives
Ital.tombolaa game consisting in hitting and causing objects to tumble
Engl.tumbleto topple over
Ital.reg.tumb, tumballore, tummalorugrebes, 66-70
Ital.: Sard.tobbe-tobbebat, 16.2 from its manner of diving upon its prey
Ital.sudcazzicatummuligrebes, 66-70
Ital.nordtomirölgrebes, 66-70, diving ducks, 48-52
Gael.S.tumairevarious diving birds, Pok. 1056
Ital.: Pav.tumafall
Franç.(a.litt.)tumerto topple over

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