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Source of scientific names borrowed from Greek, Latin or from regional speeches. Artificial coinings such as platyrhynchos or rufidorsus etc. are not included in this list, with a few exceptions. In accordance with the ornithological rules, generic names are capitalized, species names are not. Names of Greek origin are often in a latinized form. The original source is indicated (Gr., Lat. or modern language). Cross-references Low Lat.. ð1.14. - l, Gr. ð1.12.


Source des noms scientifiques empruntés au grec, au latin ou à des parlers régionaux. Les créations artificielles telles que platyrhynchos ou rufidorsus etc. ne sont pas inclues dans cette liste, hormis quelques exceptions. Conformément aux règles ornithologiques les noms des genres prennent une majuscule, mais non les noms d'espèces. Les noms d'origine grecque sont souvent empruntés sous leur forme latinisée. La source première est indiquée (, l. ou langue moderne). Renvois: Low Lat.. ð1.14. - l. Lat. ð1.13. - ð1.12.

aalge, Swed. ð5.12.1.

Acanthis, Gr.

Acanthyllis, Gr.

Accentor, Lat.

Accipiter, Lat.

acredula (Phylloscopus), Lat.

aedon (Troglodytes), myth. figure

Aegialitis, Gr.

Aegithalos. Gr.

Aegolius, Gr.

Aegyptius, Gr.

aesalon l.

aglae (Siva) myth. figure

Ajax, myth. figure

Alario, Low Lat.

Alauda, Lat.

Alca, sv. ð5.12.1.

Alcedo l.

Alcyon, myth. figure

Alecto, myth. figure

Alector, Gr.

Alectryon, myth. figure

Alle. sv. ð5.12.1.

Alopochen, Gr. (altered from chenalopex)

aluco (Strix), Low Lat. alucusð239., it.

Anas, Lat.

Anser, Lat.

Anthus. Gr.

Apiaster Low Lat.

Aptenodytes, Gr.

Apus, Lat.

Aquila, Lat.

Aramus, Lat.

Ardea, Lat.

Ardeola, Low Lat.

Argus, myth. figure

Ascalaphus, Gr.

Asio, Lat.

Asthenes, Gr.

Astur l.

Athene, Athena, myth. figure

atthis (Alcedo), fair maiden of Gr.myth.

avis, Lat.

avosetta, Ital., by Gessner ð157.

Aythya, Gr. ð3.3.1.

Batis, Gr.

bernicla (Branta), Engl., par Linné ð32., Engl.

Bhringa, skr. ð1.8.

Bombycillað329., heading

Bonasabonasia, Low Lat. < Germ. ð10., heading

borin, Ital. ð357., heading

boscas (Anas), Gr.

Botaurus, Low Lat. < French butor, 125

Branta, Engl. brentð32., Engl.

Bubo, Lat.

Buteo, Lat.

Buteo regalis, Low Lat. < Gr. bothy-règalè

cabaret (Acanthis), French ð422., French

Caccabis, Gr.

Cairina, voir No. 39, heading

Calandra,Calandrella, Ital., 297

Calendula (Regulus), Low Lat.

Calidris, Gr.

calliope, Gr., myth. figure

Calliste, Gr. myth. figure

canutus (Calidris), Engl. knot (No. 184) by Ray (not "from king Canut")

capella, Low Lat. < Ital. ð194., Ital.

casarca, ukr. ð5.9.2.

Catharacta, Gr.

Celeus, Gr., myth. figure

Certhia, Gr.

Ceyx, myth. figure

Charadrius, Gr.

cheela, Skr. cilla

chelidon, Gr.

Chen, Gr.

chicquera (Falco), hindi ð223., Iran

Chlidonias, Gr. chelidon, or, less likely, from Gr. chlidon "ornament"

cia (Emberiza), Ital., par Aldrovandi, 439, Ital.

Ciconia, Lat.

Cinclus, Gr.

Circe, Gr., myth. figure

Circus, Gr.

cirlus (Emberiza), Ital., par Aldrovandi, 439, Ital.

citrinellus (Serinus), alpine, prob. Germ. ð421., Ital.

Cochlearius, Low Lat.

collurio (Lanius), Gr.

Coloeus, Gr. ð3.1.42.

colubris (Archilochus), Amerind

Columba, Lat.

cora (Thaumastura), myth. figure

corax (Corvus), Gr.

cornix (Corvus), Lat.

Corvus l.

Coturnix, Lat.

Cractes, from a Baltic name, cf. Old Pruss. krakto; today replaced by Perisoreus

crecca (Anas), Low Lat.

Crex, Lat.

curruca, Low Lat. < Span. ð363.

Cygnus, not from class. Lat. but from French cygneð25., French (the class. Lat. is cicnus which is borrowed from Gr.)

Cypselus, Gr.

Dacnis, Gr.

decaocto, Mod.Gr. ð257., Gr.

Delichon, anagram of Chelidon

Dicaeum, Gr. Dikè, myth. figure

Diomedea, Gr.

Drepanis, Gr.

Egretta, Ital., by Forster

Elanus, Gr.

Emberiza, Germ. Swiss by Gessner ð3.2.17.

Eos, Gr., myth. figure

Ephialtes, Gr., myth. figure

epops (Upupa), Gr.

Eudyptes, Gr.

euterpe, Gr., myth. figure

fabalis (Anser) ð29., Engl.

Falco, Lat.

Fringilla, Lat.

frugilegus (Corvus), Low Lat. ð282., French

Fulica, Lat.

Fulmarus, Engl., by Stephens ð110., Engl.

galbula, Lat.

Gallinago, Ital., by Gaza ð193.

Gallinula, Ital., by Gessner

Garrulus, Low Lat.

garzetta (Egretta), Ital., by Linné

Gavia, Lat.

Gecinus Low Lat. < French by Boie, Isis von Oken 1834, col. 542, ð270. (geaizègne)

glandarius (Garrulus), Lat.

Glaucis, Gr. Glaukè, myth. figure

Gracula, Gr.

Gracula, Gr.

graculus (Pyrrhocorax), Gr.

graeca (Alectoris), prob. Ital., by Gessner, Icon. Avium, p. 64 ð5.2.34.

Grus, Lat.

grylle (Cepphus), Swed. ð418., Ital.

Gygis, Gr., myth. figure

Gypaetus, Gr.

Gyps, Gr.

gyrfalco (Falco, = F.islandicus), Low Lat. ð3.2.26.

Halcyon, Gr.

Harelda (= Clangula), Swed. ð55., French

Harpyia, Gr., myth. figure

Hypolais, Gr.

Hypothymis, Gr.

Hirundo, Lat.

Ibis, Gr.

Iole, Gr., myth. figure

iris, Gr., myth. figure

Ixobrychus, coined. by Billberg, 1828, Syn.Faun.Scand. 1, pt. 2. Not "mistle eater" The sense of brycho is clear (brycháomai = mugir). Billberg gives the quivalent ixos Lat. arundo; in this case ixós "glued reed" (ixeutikóstiskálamos)

Ixos, Gr. Ixion, myth. figure

Junco (phaeonotus), by Wagler, 1831, IsisvonOken, Heft 5, col. 526. Borrowed from Low Lat. (ð1.14.), a translation of Gr. schoiníklos a reed inhabiting bird ð1.12..

Jynx, Gr.

Larus, Gr.

Limosa, création art.

linaria (Acanthis), Low Lat., prob. After Germ. leinfink, by Gessner

Linota, French

livia (Columba), Low Lat., transl. of French biset

lomvia (Uria), sv. (No. 74a) ð74., Engl.

Lunda (Alcidae of the northern Pacific Ocean) Nor., Dan. lunde

Luscinia, Lat.

Lusciniola, Low Lat.

Mareca (today Anas), French No. 43

martius (Dryocopus), Low Lat. ð273., French

Melanophoyx, Gr. phoyx

melba (Apusmelba and an exotic species Pytiliamelba); contraction de melanoalba by Linné (Eigenhuis, Swaab & Polaklaan, 1992, DutchBirding 14: 100). Sans rapport avec melba d'Albertus Magnus (= Germ. dial. mewa mouette ð1.14.).

merganser (Mergus), coined by Gessner

Mergus, Lat.

Merops, Gr.

merula (Turdus), Lat.

Milvus, Lat.

monedula (Corvus), Lat.

morinellus (Charadrius) ð Germ., No. 166

moschata (Cairina) ð No. 39, Engl.

motacilla, Lat.

nebularia, name given in 1767 by Gunner (from Norway) not "because the bird's habitat is often misty" but because of the bird's colour ð3.6.47..

Neophron, Gr. myth., see No. 199

Netta, Gr.

nisus, Gr. Nisos, myth. figure

Numenius, Gr.

Numida, Lat.

Nucifraga, translation into l. by Turner of a Hawfinch's name

nyroca (Aythya), russe nyrok "plongeur"

Oenanthe, Gr.

oenone, myth. figure

olor (Cygnus), Lat.

Oriolus, French by Linné

Ortygometra, Gr.

Otis, Gr.

Otus, Gr.

Palamedea, Gr., myth. figure

Pandion, Gr., myth. figure

Parula, Lat.

Parus, Lat.

Passer, Lat.

Pelecanus, Gr.

pendulinus (Remiz), Ital., see No. 400

Perdix, Lat.

Pernis, Gr.

Phaethon, Gr., myth. figure

Philemon, Gr., myth. figure

phoebe, myth. figure

Pica, Lat.

Picus, Lat.

pilaris (Turdus), translation into l. of Greek trichas (understood "pilus or hair"!) by Gaza, 1476.

Plotus,plautus, by Gessner (cf. l. plote "plattfisch")

Porzana, Ital. ð143.

Progne, Gr.

Prunella, Germ. braunelleð408.

Puffinus, Engl. ð73.

Pyrrhocorax, Gr.

querquedula (Anas), Lat.

Quiscalus quiscula, Low Lat.

Rallus, by Gessner, prob. < Germ. ralle, No. 142

regalis (Buteo), a calqueof Gr. bothy-règalè

Regulus, Lat., specific attribution by Cuvier

Rhea, Gr., myth. figure

Rissa, isl. ritsa, by Stephens

rubetra, art., from rubus "bramble"

rubicilla (Carpodacus), Low Lat.

rubicola, Low Lat., a name for the Robin (redd neck) ð1.14.

rusticola (Scolopax), Lat.

schoeniclus (Emberiza), Gr.

segetumð29., French

senator (Lanius), Lat.

Serinus, French by Cuvier

Sirystes, Gr. syristes

Sitta, Gr.

Siva, Hindi, myth. figure

spinoletta (Anthus), Ital., by Linné, prob. ex Aldrovandi

Spreo, from a South African name of Dutch origin for the Starling ð5.6.4.

stellaris (Botaurus), after Anc.Gr. asterías

Sterna, Engl., by Turner

Strix, Gr.

Struthio camelus, Lat. < Gr.

Sturnella, Lat., syn. of sturnus

subbuteo (Falco), transl. Of Gr. hypotriorchis by Turner. Name attributed to this species by Belon, prob. because the confusion in the literature of falconry of the name hobereau which is in reality a name for the Buzzard, 211, q.v.

subis (Progne), Lat.

Sula, sv. ð108., Engl.

Surnia, Low Lat. ð238., French (sourne)

Sycalis, Gr. ð296., Gr.

Sylvia, by Gaza ð357., heading

Syrnium, see Surnia

Tadorna, Old French (occitan) ð36.

Tantalus, myth. figure

tarda (Otis), Lat.

Tetrao, Gr.

Tetrax, Gr.

tetrix (Tetrao), Gr.

Todus, by Linné, Engl. tody, bird from the Antilles ð4.1.19.. No relation to Low Lat. toda

torda (Alca), Nor.

torquilla (Jynx), Low Lat.

totanus (Tringa), Ital., by Gessner

trichas (Geothlypis), Gr.

trochilus (Phylloscopus), Gr.

Turdus, Lat.

Tylas, Gr.

Tyto, Gr.

ulula (Surnia), Lat.

Uria, Gr.

Urotriorchis, Gr.

urogallus (Tetrao), Low Lat.

vanellus, French, No. 158

vinago (Treron), transl. into Lat. of Gr. oenas, by Gaza

Vireoð296., Spanish and ð5.6.5.

yelkouan (Puffinus), turkish

zena (Spindalis), Low Lat.

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