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5.14.1 k-b

Roman.cobâito emit lugubrious calls; to howl
Roman.cobíto cry loudly; to presage misfortune; Sbc., Cz. kôb, Bulg. koba "augur, destiny"
Roman.: Vlâdilacobíto call (Tawny Owl, 239)
Sbc.kobijaGreen Woodpecker, 270
Sbc.kobilarOriole, 296
CzechkobaHooded Crow, 281
Roman.cóbeHooded Crow, 281; bird of ill omen
Germ.reg.kobHooded Crow, 281
Germ.reg.kobb, kubbeHerring Gull, 81
Engl.reg.cobHerring Gull, 81
Roman.coebâtsTawny Owl, 239
Sbc.skubaTawny Owl, 239
Roman.cobzâa string instrument, vielle
Roman.: Mold.cobáe, gobáea pejorative designation for some large birds (domestic hen etc.)
Esp.: Amer.cobayaGuinea pig, an animal know for its shrill calls. Not from Tupi-Guarani since the animal is unknown in this region in the wild state. The name is attested in Colombia and Argentina
Franç.rég.descoberrailler, FEW 22: 72
Franç.: Lgd. (a.litt.)escobolhesonneur de cloches, FEW 23: 157
Franç.: Limogeschobiardáchanter bruyamment
Franç.: LimogeschobiarGoldfinch, 415

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