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Ukr.gava, havaLapwing, 158
Sbc.gavecLapwing, 158
Ukr.gava et var.Jackdaw, 285
Sbc.gâvkaEider, 58
Ukr.gavkaGreat Crested Grebe, 66
Russiangavkat'to bark
Germ.reg.gawitzel et var.Jay, 290
Germ.: SuissegiwerMeadow Pipit, 305
Anc.Greekgávalèto sound
Franç.: Mortagnegouvillerse moquer, FEW 22: 73
Franç.: Meusegavâillicrier, brailler, FEW 22: 63
Franç.: Pic.quéva, quévatHerring Gull, 81
Pol.gaworzýcto prattle, creak
Russiangavarit'to speak
Russiangavorunciktalkative; Whitethroat, 362
Slavicgavoron, hajvoron etc.Rook, 282
CzechzavorCrane, 133
Skr.havatihe calls
Engl.: Scot.haiverspeak nonsense
Engl.havockto call or cry out (falconry)
Engl.hawkpeddle aloud, to clear the throat noisily. (not a back formation from hawker; a hawker is a person who hawks). This term and the names of noisy birds (below) are convergent with hawk "raptor" ð8.3.
Engl.holland hawkHerring Gull, 81
Engl.willy hawkGreat Crested Grebe, 66
Engl.nighthawkStone Curlew, 154
Engl.hawkieGreat Northern Diver, 65
Engl.hawk-swallowSwift, 321
Czechhafatito bark, yelp
Prov.gafètoBlack-headed Gull, 90
Franç.guifetteattributed to tern, 100 (= Black-headed Gull, 90)
Germ.giffesen(falconry) to call (falcon)
Ital.reg.gafioBlack-headed Gull, 90
Ital.reg.gafia, gáifuBlack-headed Gull, 90
Roman.gâfâito pant
Franç.: St.Seurinjouffigrunting
Franç.gaffeclanger, blunder
Engl.(slang)gaffplace of amusement
Engl.: Scot.gaffbabble
Engl.gufffoolish talk
Engl.goff, goofa stupid person

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