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Engl. White-eared Bulbul. It is unfortunate that modern authors interprete bulbul of the Persian literature as Pycnonotus because the adopted English name "bulbul" has been attributed to this genus in recent times in ornithology. The true bulbul of the Middle East is the Nightingale, 337 who sings at night (Persian murgh-eSab-xwàn,murgh-esahar "bird of the night"). Pycnonotus does not sing at night. In northern India, where the Nightingale does not occur as a singing bird, bulbul is given to various species of songbirds including Pycnonotus, whence the attribution of the English name to that species.

Franç. Bulbul à joues banches.

Iran Bolbol-e xormà.- gul-dum (queue rouge).

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