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5.24.1 -l, h-l, Lah. p. 179, No. 75 for extra-European terms (see also k-l Listen 5.10.1 )

Basqueelaire, elarilanguage
Caucaseal, levato speak
teluguàlto cry
Teluguàluto rejoice
Cymrical, alouid.
Hebr.alleluiacry of joy
Esp.: nordalalácry of joy, popular song
Anc.Greekalaláwar cry
Roman.chelâlâito bark, brawl
Franç.hallalihunting cry
Engl.hallo, hallowto call with a loud voice, shout; call to incite dogs in hunting, cf. French halloer
Engl. (o.liter.)hallowencry
Engl.halloweenthe night when the witches hallow
Germ.hallento sound
Germ.: (OHG)hellansonner
Germ.: (OHG)halonto call
Sbc.hvala(parasitic /v/) praise, gratitude
Germ.heilsalute, glory. Perhaps from there, with shift of meaning, heilen to cure, heiligen to sanctify, and Engl. holy
Engl.hailto cheer, salute, greet
Basquehel, elcry for help
Franç.hélerto call
Franç.haleiz(a.litt.) resounding noise
Engl.helloa form of salutation, > French allo
Germ.halloallons!, voyons! come on!
Franç.: Norm.haller, haller( halloer) cri pour lancer les chiens sur le gibier
Franç.allez!, allons donc!interjection of doubt, surprise. Ne peut en aucun
cas avoir le sens du verbe aller; dans le tutoiement cette expression reste "alé" mais ne devient pas va (sauf par fausse analogie). Cf. Germ. hallo above, ainsi que les suivants
Czechale ale!(Romance residue) allez allez! come on!
Ital.:V.Verzascaalé!exclamation of satisfaction
Sbc.ala!interjection of surprise, admiration
Roman.alá!a form of greeting
Esp.holá!id. (see also olé, hereunder)
Franç.holà!interjection used to call
Germ.holla!a word to greet or applaud
Esp.olearto hail somebody, cf. holler, hereunder
Esp.olé!cry of joy. Not from "Allah". Why should Spaniards call "god" in a foreign tongue in order to express their satisfaction ? Cf. holá, above
Esp.olecanto español
Svenskoljudnoise, din, uproar
Engl.olive, olafOystercatcher, 155
Ital.: Sic.oliveddaGrey Plover, 162
Cat.òliba et var.Tawny Owl, 239
Cat.òliba"dona que amava als enterraments i funerals i portava la cistella" (and lamented), hired mourners
Franç.: Aurillacolarihurlement, FEW 22: 63
Esp.alaridocry, howling
Alb.uluridu (për të)to cry
Svenskal, alle etc.Long-tailed Duck, 55
Icel.hávellaLong-tailed Duck, 55
Mod.Greekaloto call (animaux)
Kurdishaûliato bark
Esp.aullarto howl (dogs)
Slk.hûlaTawny Owl, 239
Sbc.hulavica, ulavicaTawny Owl, 239
Czechhulákátito cry
Germ.reg.holeweihe, hulewyhBuzzard, 211
Roman.holâ, hoálâBuzzard, 211
Roman.holcânoise, tumult
Roman.holeancâBlack Kite, 215
Esp.: reg.oliancuBuzzard, 211
Franç.: rég.hôleu, houlotte, etc.Tawny Owl, 239
Engl.: reg.hullet, hullot, etc.Tawny Owl, 239
Engl.hollershout, yell, cf. hailð5.10.1.
Engl.hollandergulls, 81, 84
Engl.holland-gooseGreat Northern Diver, 65
Engl.hollering-owlWood Owl, 239
Engl.holling-cockMistle Thrush, 340
Engl.allan-hawkHerring Gull, 81
Germ.: reg.raukallenbeckHerring Gull, 81
Germ.: reg.alenbuk, allebockBlack-headed Gull, 90
Engl.ullertTawny Owl, 239
Germ.: reg.öllerk, ullerickBuzzard, 211
Germ.: reg.hollrod, hollbruderBlack-headed Gull, 90
Engl.holi-cararaGreat Northern Diver, 65
Engl. (slang)holy cow!interjection expressing bewilderment (should not be understood "saint")
Franç.: Gasc.holi, haliBuzzard, 211
Franç.: Bresseoliuterbâiller, FEW 22: 9
Franç.: Tournaioluttecri pour chasser un chien
Anc.Greekeleosan owl
Anc.Greekeleiosa hawk
Etr.hiulsan owl
Germ.ul, euleTawny Owl, 239
Nederl.uilTawny Owl, 239
Engl.owlTawny Owl, 239
Engl.shriek-owlStone Curlew, 154
Engl.owl-thrushMistle Thrush, 340
Engl.owl-snipeCurlew, 167
Gael.S.ullaidTawny Owl, 239
Gael.I.ulagán, ulchabchanBarn Owl, 238
Franç.: wall.eûlerto howl
Franç.: Montb.eunaito howl, groan
Franç.: Gasc.uláto howl
Roman.urît(l>r) howls (Tawny Owl, 239)
Franç.: VDlulá(prosth. /l/) to howl
Franç.hululerto howl (owl)
Roman.bululéu(prosth. /b/) Tawny Owl, 239
Franç.: rég.bouliléronTawny Owl, 239
Sbc.buljinaTawny Owl, 239
Esp.: Arag.uludáto howl
Hindiulu, ulàghowl
Pers. (o.liter.)arughowl
Anc.Greekolènmythical song
Anc.Greekololýzoto call loudly
Anc.Greekololygonvarious birds, frog, cicada
Ukr.lulukatyto howl
Lith.lulutëTengmalm's Owl, 244
Ukr.uljuljaTawny Owl, 239
Ukr.ulit, ulitasandpipers, 174, 176
Anc.Greekhylaoto bark
Roman.hâuli, hâuito howl
Roman.hulíto vituperate, slander, whence Romanian and Slavic huligan and Engl. hooligan (a borrowed term) which is evidently of Balkanic origin and not from an Irish proper name
Franç.: nordhoulardHerring Gull, 81
Franç.: Lavedanhulásouffler, FEW 21: 314
Franç.houler, hulerto cry, to howl, FEW 14: 13
Franç. rég.bahulerto howl, to bark
Franç.to howl(this and the following are rhot. forms) to shout
Roman.urlâhowls (Tawny Owl, 239)
Ital.urlareto howl
Russiangorlopan(h>g) shrill; domestic cock, 2
Mod.Greekourliázoto howl
Ital.: Abruz.urlottâTawny Owl, 239
Franç.: Peuvillersouarlandispute bruyante, FEW 22: 74

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