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3.1.48 kh-lk, k-lk Having a metallic sheen; à reflets métalliques

Anc.GreekChalkèdon, Chalkisvarious localities where copper was exploited
Franç.calcédoine(< gr.) cornelian (red stone)
Alb.shkëlqerto shine
Anc.Greekchalkidikósa variety of domestic hen (ancestral races were often copper-coloured)
Anc.GreekchalkísGlossy Ibis, 131
Mod.GreekchalkokottaGlossy Ibis, 131
Mod.Greekchalkókorone et var.Roller, 264
Anc.GreekhalkyónKingfisher, 265
Lat..chalybeussteel-colour (empr. au gr.)
Anc.Greekkalkaínodark purple
Lith.kalkunasTurkey, 5 (plumage à reflets métalliques)
Germ.kalkaunTurkey, 5 (etymologies of "from Calcutta" and "from Calicot" are unfounded. Germ. kalekutischerhahn is a proposed etymology, but not attested as the bird's name)
Aroman.calcunaTurkey, 5
Roman.colcâiTurkey, 5
Mod.GreekkalikotoFranç. calicot, a kind of fabric
Mod.GreekkalikadzouCormorant, 105 (plumage with a metallic sheen)

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