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4.1.17 k-nk Convex or concave

Pers.(o.liter.)kankcock, 2 (from its comb)
BasquekankanoteGreat Grey Shrike, 324 (large head)
Basquekonkotxuripigeon, 254 (from its bulging crop)
Engl.(slang)conkhead (see following)
Ital.: Sard.concahead
Ital.: Cortinaconcaa kind of box
Ital.concioheap of dung
Ital.: Cortina d'Amp.concarWren, 406
Franç.conquea sea shell
Franç.: Anjoucanche(concave) depression, pond
Lat.concavushollow (not con + cavus)
Cat.conc(concave) trough
Franç.: GEConche (la)(par les bateliers) le Léman (pour sa forme concave)
Franç.: VSConchesvallée vers la source du Rhône
Franç.: Bagnes (VS)contse(concave) bassin
Span. reg.chonchaMistle Thrush, 340 (the plumpest of the thrushes)
Span.: Mexiqueconcha, choncheTurkey, 5 (swells its plumage while parading)
Franç.: Bagnes (VS)condzyètétine volumineuse
Cat.conchestra, congestaid.
Franç.conque, congumocertain mushrooms
Franç.: Valognescanchotegoose, 27 (plump bird)
Roman.concituft, chignon
Roman.paSare cu concialso p.conciatâ,p.cóncosa Hoopoe, 263
Roman.pitigus conciatCrested Tit, 397
Sbc.konca(Ukr. id.) tuft, chignon, Bulg. konc id.
Engl.hunka large piece or lump; block, gob, gobbet, clod, wad, French quignonð4.1.18.2.
Engl.hunkerto hunch, squat; hunkers the posterior
Sbc.hunka(concave) valley
Engl.haunchhip, etc.
Gael.I.(o.liter.)coicfive: the whole hand
Lat.quinquefive, French cinq: the whole hand. All I.E. terms for five have been derived from this root: pente,hing,pesë,pimp,fünf and five. For dix ten (root di "twice"): two times the hand

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