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4.3.2 k-d Convex

Anc.Greekkodonsmall bell
Anc.Greekkodeiasoppy seedhead
Mod.GreekkaliakúdaGreat Crested Grebe, 66
Germ.reg.koddesmall pig (plump animal)
Engl.codflat and rounded fish
Engl.cod-pigeonpigeon, 254, from its bulging crop, cf. pud-dowð4.5.20.
Engl.codlingkind of apple
Engl.cudportion of food that a ruminant returns from its stomach (no possible relation to Srk. jatu resin)
Engl.cuddydonkey ð4.1.16.2.; cabin in a ship ("of uncert. origin")
Engl.cuddy-bustardBustard, 136
Engl.cuddy, cuddy-wrenWren, 406
Engl.cuddy-heultTawny Owl, 239 (puffed appearance)
Engl.cuddleto embrace
Ital.scudoshield, Lat. scutum; a coin, French écu
Engl.scuttlemetal recipient, French écuelle
Franç.coudeelbow; bend (of road, river)
Franç.: Gerscouderlomushroom
Lat.caudextree trunk
Bretonkodioc'hCrested Lark, 299
Lettishkudys barškutisCrested Lark, 299
Lith.kudysCrested Lark, 299
Lith.kodota, kuodotojHoopoe, 263
Lith.kodota zyléCrested Tit, 397
Slk.kùdelkaCrested Tit, 397
Germ.reg.kudermeisCrested Tit, 397
Germ.kuderlynx (from its ear tufts)
Sbc.kadul, kadunjacaCrested Lark, 299
Akk.kudurrànua crested bird
Pers.xudikulàCrested Lark, 299
Pers.xadeš, xidevpowerful man, king
Arabicqaidadministrator, > French caïd container, rack; a kind of cart; cannot relate to Prov. cabdol "chief"; tea caddy small box or can for holding tea leaves (no kin to catty malicious !

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