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4.7.2 m-b, n-b Convex, pointed things; group of things; choses convexes, pointues

Engl.moba woman's hairdo, a flight of ducks, a group of people.
Engl.Moby Dicknickname of the whale (a tautonym, dick = thick)
Engl.mopshaggy hair, etc.; not related to Fr. mappe tablecloth
Engl.muppet, mopseydoll ð4.2.14.
Germ.mopseplump and short child
Germ.reg.möpscheWren, 406
Engl.reg.mop, mawpBullfinch, 430
Engl.titnaupTitmouse, 390
Engl.reg.nopeBullfinch, 430
Gallegoarao ñopeMacareux, 73
LettishšnibisSnipe, 194
DutchsnipWoodcock, 193
Germ.schnepfeWoodcock, 193
Germ.reg.schnepfentePintail, 41
Engl.neb, nibbeak
Engl.snubshort and thick, stumpy
Engl.: Scot.snubbertcaruncle
Engl.knobBullfinch, 430; hump etc.
Engl. (slang)nobhead; person of high position, cf. nabàb, hereunder
Engl.snobsomeone who pretend to be in high position
Franç.noblenoble, superior, excellent
Basquenabarploughshare; knife
Hindinabàbgovernor, wealthy man
Pol.nabiezto swell in pride
Franç.nombril(with nasalisation) navel. The root n-b, n-f is more ancient than the Gr. and Lat. forms (omphalos,umbilicus) which are the result of aphereses
Franç.nombrenumber: a certain quantity. Not from a root nem- "to divide"; a number is a unit, not a division
Cat.navellètWren, 406
Franç.sudnave(concave) valley, coomb
Engl.navehub of a wheel; (conccave) the largest part of a church with a concave ceiling (cf. nef, hereunder)
Germ.nabehub of a wheel
Franç.navirelarge ship. Sans rapport avec l' naus "bateau": ce qui va sur l'eau ð10.12.2.; dans ce sens, un navire ne diffère pas des autres bateaux. Ce en quoi il diffère c'est sa grandeur; cf. nef, hereunder
Gael.S.nèamhthe vault of heaven
Cymricnefthe vault of heaven
Franç.neflarge ship; (voir remarque sub navire, ci-dessus; partie centrale d'une église, cf. nave, ci-dessus)
Arabicnaufhump of the camel

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