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Bielor.domestic duck, 40
Lith.utëdomestic duck, 40
Ukr.utkadomestic duck, 40
Sbc.utvadomestic duck, 40. The presence of this name in Lith. as well as the occidental extension of the root exclude a Turkish origin, which has been proposed for the Slavic names
Bulg.utvaTawny Owl, 239
Sbc.ut, utina, utkaLong-eared Owl, 248
LettishutelisBlack-headed Gull, 90 (= prob. coll. for gulls, 81-84)
Roman.uti-uticall to ducks, 40
Roman.ûtureTawny Owl, 239
Esp.utraTawny Owl, 239
Engl.utterto give forth sounds, words, etc.. Belongs to this phonic root rather than to the adverb outer
Anc.Greekotobéoto make resound
Anc.Greekototyzoto lament
Engl.oat-fowlBrambling, 433
Roman.oitâChaffinch, 432; Nuthatch, 401
Basqueaotssound, voice
BasqueaotxigorriBlack-headed Gull, 90
Basqueotznoise, fame
Basqueospe(ots > ost > osp) fame
Esp.hospajoscri pour effaroucher, éloigner
BasqueotserroiCarrion Crow, 280
Basqueotsvoice, call, cry
Basqueotxexclamation of pain

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