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Germ.(plattd.)gnickelvogelGreen Woodpecker, 270
Engl.nickerGreen Woodpecker, 270
Engl.snickerlaugh in a suppressed way (snigger below)
Prov.nichoulo et var.Tawny Owl, 239
Slk.nikevicBrambling, 433
Germ.nikawitz et var.Brambling, 433
Sbc.mikavicaLapwing, 158
Pol.knihutkaLapwing, 158
Czechkníha et var.Lapwing, 158
Bielor.knygoLapwing, 158
Franç.: Morvangniguermenacer en montrant les dents, FEW 22: 77
Franç.: Dolnigouschanson joyeuse, FEW 23: 142
Engl.sniggerlaugh in a suppressed way
Engl.neighto neigh
Ital.: Cal.nigghioBlack Kite, 215
Ital.nibbioBlack Kite, 215
Franç.rég.nibleBuzzard, 211
Germ.: BavièrenebelgeierBuzzard, 211
Engl.nibbleto eat with small bites
Germ.(nd.)nibbeln, knibbelnto gnaw

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