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Germ.weifento swing
ONveifsomething flapping about
Franç.viflively, animated, brisk
Franç.vivreto live: be able to move
Gael.S.fafansoft breeze
Roman.fofeazâsail of windmill
Roman.fofenghermorning star (scintillates)
ONvaifmovement to and fro
Engl.waifabandoned child
ONvaflato hover about
Engl.Scot.waffpuff of air
Engl.reg.waffleto wave about; to flap in the wind; to walk hesitantly; a person unsteady in gait
Engl.: NhbwafflerGreen Sandpiper, 172 (from its irregular flight)
Germ.reg.bochschwaflWhite Wagtail, 313
Germ.reg.swäfelkWhite Wagtail, 313
Germ.schweifeldoubt; (dial.) tail
Goth.sweiflaturn around
ONsvifato swing, dangle, soar
Icel.swifa, sweiflato turn in circles
Germ.(OHG)sweifanto swing
Engl.(o.liter.)swifanto move in course
Engl.swiftSwift, 321. Other name swing-devil. As in other languages, the Swift is often named after its vacillating manner of flying, not from its speedy flight
Engl.reg.sea-swiftShearwater, 111 (also from its tilting flight)
Engl. (archaic)swevenvision, dream (no phonetic connexion to Lat. somnus or Gr. hypnos)

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