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Amh.semb, zembto fly
Amh.: Simienzembibird
Eth.: GallaSimberobird
somali: BenadirSimbirbird
Eth.: Sahokimbirobird
Eth.: Danakilkimberbird
Akk.kimbir("nimbir" is an err.) bird
Span.: Sal.chimbarsomersault
Galicechimparto throw, to knock down violently
Basquetximita et var.butterfly; White Wagtail, 313
Span.chimiteWhite Wagtail, 313
Basquetximikatuto tickle
Basquetximitzfine withy
Dan.simidojWagtail, 313
Franç.: Lavedanchemávoler en suivant une courbe
Franç.: Testehoumbávaciller, FEW 21: 363
Span.sambaa kind of dance
Franç.rég.jumbato swing
Prov.: Dauph.dzumbritrembler, FEW 21: 362
Engl.jumblea state of confusion (not a hybrid joll and tumble)
Engl.jamb, jamto press tightly
Engl.jamto press, push violently etc.; to be in a jam: in a difficult situation
Engl.jam sessionimpromptu jazz performance: agitated musicians
Engl.jam-packedfilled as fully as possible
Pers.jumbinadanto sway
Pers.dumjumbànakWhite Wagtail, 313
Franç.rég.yumpáto rock
Franç.: Lgd.yumparto jump
Ital.: Logud.giumparid.
Engl.jumpto spring
Dan. halegimpe, havrevimpeWagtail, 313
Dutchschommela swing
Engl.shambleto sway
Franç.: Agengimpoloa swing
Franç.: Bayonneyompoláto swing
Prov.jumpláto swing
Basquetxonpelato swing
Span.: Nav.chompelar, chumplarseto swing
Cat.champullarto dive
Span.zambullirto dive, hide
Span.zambullo et var.Little Grebe, 70
Span.zambucarto dive
Ital.: Nap.sambuchinLittle Grebe, 70
Ital.: Otr.sambuttuLittle Grebe, 70
Ital.: Parmesambotarto splash about in water
Ital.sciambottareto agitate a fluid
Prov.samboutá, chamboutáto splash about in water
Span.sembrarto sow, French semer: to broadcast seeds (whence semence, Germ. same, cf. Lettish set, hereunder
Roman.semanáto sow and also to seem
Roman.seamarfellow man, French son semblable
Frenchsiamois (frères)frères qui se resemblent
Engl.siamese (brothers).brothers that resemble each each other. The paradigm to which this term belongs explains its semantics better than the etymology "so called from the Siamese twins Eng and Chang".
Ital.scimmioFranç. singe: animal that resemble man
Span.semejanteFranç. semblable
Germ.samttogether, French ensemble
Span.: Sal.champarto swing
Span.zamparto throw
Skr.Sampaaction of diving
Span.champuzar, zampuzarto dive
Span.zambuzónLittle Grebe, 70
Ital.: Cal.sambuzzareto dive
Ital.: Cal.sambuzzeddu et var.Little Grebe, 70

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