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7.3.1 ask > asp

Span.aspasail of windmill; cross
Span.Aspa (Monte de)the Pyrenees: the axis
Franç.Aspeta town south of Toulouse
Franç.: Béarn.Aspe (Gave d')torrent leading to the Somport
Span.Aspaa town west of Alicante
Engl.aspenpoplar, Svensk asp, Germ. espe etc., cf. arba et alberð7.6.
Ital.Ospoa locality
Ital.aspospinning whieel
Ital.aspi dell'árganolever of a whinch
Ital.nordAspre (Cima de l')an oronym, cf. Cimad'Asta, hereunder

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