Previous PageNext Page g-r Grey, spotted; gris, tacheté. The meaning "spotted" appears more ancient than the value "uniform grey" it has today. Most birds designated by this epithet are spotted, and not "grey" in the monochrome sense given today.

Alb.ngrysit is dark
Engl.greya colour between black and white
Franç.grisglum (weather)
Ital.:V.Verzascagrisd'humeur noire
Franç.: VSgris, grèdormouse (cf. ghiro above)
Franç.reg.grisesand ð3.4.14.
Franç.grèse (robe)robe grise
Franç.: Jamognesgérzéléfreckled
Franç.: Pic.grisetSpotted Crake, 143
Germ.: Suissegrisettliid.
Ital.reg.grisetta, gallineta grizaSpotted Crake, 143
Franç.reg.grise et var.thrush, 339, 340
Germ.reg.grîsethrush, 339
Engl.grey, grey-birdthrush, 339, 340
Ital.: Friulisgrisulthrush, 339
Prov.: b.Dauph.grijise tacher, moisir (linge)
Aroman.grigigrey, Ital. grigio
R.Rom.sgrigia, gratschla griSaNutcracker, 291
Franç.: Bellaugrignowhite (?)
Ital.: Ligur.griSounStone Plover, 154
Ital.: Ligur.grizelanBittern, 125
R.Rom.merlotscha grischaNutcracker, 291
Alb.grishë et var.Magpie 288
Alb.grishëlleHooded Crow, 281

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