Previous PageNext Page t-b Dark, rufous-brown; sombre, brun-roux

Prov.estabourásécher, FEW 23: 182
Franç.: rouchistambartcoal à demi consumé, FEW 23: 46
Franç.:Leytron(VS)taborgnaud, taberleindividu peu brillant
Franç.: Bourg.taborgnaudpetite pièce sordide; dawnrge malpropre
Franç.tavernetavern (see cabaret, above, tabagie, hereunder and caféð3.4.16.3.)
Basque: Labourdtaberneinn
Franç.: Alpes s.tavernacave, cavern
Franç.tabernacledark recess for an image or the like
Russiantaberned'Pochard, 50
Pers.tabarkuna red colour; jujube (fruit)
Pers.tabarzancrystallized sugar; preserve of roses
Ital.: Cal.tabbanusheperd's coat
Esp.tabanohornet Vespacrabro (rufous colour)
Franç.tavan, taonhorsefly
Franç.: Aussoistahon (tota)very dark
Roman.tâbâcittanned, dark yellow
Roman.tâbâcito get tanned
Esp.tabacorust of certain cereals; tobacco. This word cannot
derive from Haitian tsibatl, a quite unknown term, and perhaps a local pronunciation of French tabac. In Haiti tobacco was known only as pétun, an indigenous word. Long before Colombus, the Arabic tabbàq was given to dried plants utilized in medicinal fumigations (and prob. as a narcotic). The publication or the word in Arabic writings before its attestation in other languages is no proof of a Semitic origin. Inhalation of smoke from dried plants for a curative purpose, with the aid of a smoking device, was described by Pliny. The smoke cures of the Greco-Roman medicine may have passed on to the Arabs, and with them, it can be presumed, the Mediterranean name. The semantic and distribution of the root tab- "reddish brown" attest to its ancientness and its I.E. origin.
Franç.tabactobacco: reddish brown vegetable product
Franç.: Sav.tabàand reg. French tabacdesmontagnes,tabacdesVosges, plants of the genus Tragopogon the latex of which stains the skin with brown
Franç.:Marécottes (VS)tabatyireid.
Franç.tabagiesorte d'estaminet ð3.3.14.2., endroit mal aéré, cf. taverne,taborgnaud, above et bistrotð3.7.3.2. (certainly not from an Algonquin word meaning "feast, banquet")
Franç.: Bressetabagnonmauvais petit cabaret; Bourb., Lyon.: petite cabane
Franç.: Vivaraistobouyéniche de foyer, FEW 23: 43
Franç.: Saintongetabagispigeonnier
Franç.: Haïtibout-tabac(< French) Ani, an all black bird
Prov.tabaco, terboucanBlack Tern, 100
Ital.: Mazara (Sic.)terbazzaBlack Tern, 100
Ital.: Sic.tabaccuplants with black berries (nightshade, henbane)
Ital.: Cal.tabbachignured-brown; a kind of mushroom
Ital.: Ver.arcasa tabachinaGlossy Ibis, 132
Ital.reg.moretta tabaccata Ferruginous Duck, 51
Ital.: Piac.sgarzaröla tabacaiaWoodchat, 327
Ital.: Otr.tabaccosaBlackcap @, 358
Esp.: Extr.tabaqueraan unidentified bird

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