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"Noteinfra". Secondary denominations, by analogy, of variegated species called or having beencalled maría, the chromatic value of which had been lost:

Esp.pajarito de la virgenWhite Wagtail, 313; also virgen de la nieve
Franç.fils de la viergegossamer
Cat.pardaleta de la mare de deuid.
Esp.pájaro de nuestra señoraid.
Port.galiña do senhorid.
Franç.: Aosteoiseau de saint-josephid.
Port.melro da nossa senhoraGoldfinch, 415
Ital.gallinella dal signorladybug
Ital.galina de la madonaladybug
Ital.gallina della madonnaSwallow, 316
Ital.galuz de la madonaHoopoe, 263
Ital.uSel dla madona, madonìnFirecrest, 389
Ital.uccello della madonnaWhite Wagtail, 313
Ital.madonetaWallcreeper, 403
Ital.coarossa da madonnaalso coarossadaregina Bluethroat, 336
Note. The English ladybug "ladybug" and ladybird, ladyhen "wagtail" suppose a former mary as seen in marigold and other flowers or animals names, mary-of-the-trousers Ringed Plover, and Icelandic maríu-erla "wagtail". The Persian names murgh-efàtima White Wagtail, 313, and fàteme-hanom,fàtmeh-soltanak Barn Owl, 238 are either translations or equivalents of the Romance names cited above (pájarodelavirgen etc. wagtail and marisourde Barn Owl). See remark hereunder sub mariam etc. Fatima, daughter of Mahomet is the equivalent of Mary (cf. Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal); see below.

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