Previous PageNext Page m-k tVariegated with red; tacheté de rouge; see also m-k-l ð 3.6.23

Franç.: Pic.mahonid.
Pol.reg.makopij(attributed to the Marsh Tit Paruspalustris, 395 certainly by error; may apply to the Robin or the Linnet
Ukr.makovyj et var.Linnet, 422
Franç.: Flandresmacauxde plusieurs couleurs mais où le roux domine
Franç.: Lillemacauxroux, FEW 23: 185
Ital.reg.macabèFirecrest, 389 (orange stripe on head)
Lat.Machabaeussurname given to Judas, the third son of Matthias, q.v., below (he was presumably freckled)
Franç.macaque(< Span.) a kind of monkey from Gibraltar (red hind parts)
Esp.macacoScarlet Macaw Aramacao
Port.macucoRock Thrush, 346 (orange belly)

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