Previous PageNext Page sp-t Variegated, spotted; bigarré, tacheté

Engl.spotdot, speck, blot
Germ.spottvogel, spöttelJay, 290
Nor.spetteGreat Spotted Woodpecker, 273
Engl.spiteGreat Spotted Woodpecker, 273
Franç.: Liègespitéspotted (animal, bird)
Mod.Greekspitha, spinthisspark
Mod.Greekspinthirizoto produce sparks
Anc.Greekspintharis"ave incendiaria"; faulty translation; prob. a spotted bird bird, cf. the following
Ital.: Otr.spintarèddaWhite Wagtail, 313
Ital.: Cal.pudda spittidataalso spittidi,puddaspittidomedi gallina di vari colori
Anc.Greekspíndalosa bird resembling attagas
Assyr.spindilokiGoldfinch, 415

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