Previous PageNext Page k-n Convex things (rounded or pointed); choses convexes (arrondies ou pointues)

Germ.reg.queneGoldeneye, 54 (bulging head)
Franç.caninecanine tooth (no kin to Lat. canis whatsoever))
Franç.quenottelittle tooth of a child
Ital.: Otr.conedda(Norman influx.) top of a tree
Franç.: Bagnes (VS)conëlequenouille
Franç.quenouilledistaff; inflorescence or Typha. Why derive this word from an inexistant "colocula" ?
Franç.: PlancherquenilleWillow Tit, 395 (petite boule)
Franç.rég.chenildisorder, mess (sans rapport avec l'endroit où l'on garde les chiens)
Franç.quenellelittle ball of dough
SvenskknipaTufted duck, 48
Svenskknippabunch of flowers, pack, etc.
Germ.: Suisseknöpflilittle ball of dough
Germ.knüppelclub, bludgeon
Engl.knifeinstrument for cutting
Engl.knobhump, etc.; Bullfinch, 430; a company of ducks
Germ.reg.knobbeGoldeneye, 54 (bulging head, cf. quene, above)
Germ.knoblauchgarlic head
Germ.reg.knobellercheCrested Lark, 299
Germ.reg.knollenteGoldeneye, 54 (cf. knobbe, ci-dessus)
Germ.knauelball (of wool)
R.Rom.: Engad.chanellaid.
R.Rom.: Sursilv.canialslarge woman breast

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