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4.2.10 kr-t, kr-s Circle; cercle

Lith.skrédito fly or run in circles
Lith.skraidyti, skraidaytito fly here and there
Lith.skraidé, kregzdéSwallow, 316
Sbc.kruznitito fly in circles
Sbc.kriziçpigeon, 255 (flies in circles in display)
Sbc.krstaritito cruise
Sbc.orao krstašeagle, vulture: from their habit of cruising, soaring
in circles. From the same root arises the Anc.Greek chrysaetos, so written as a result of a misunderstanding, and wrongly translated by "golden eagle". Not one species of eagles is "golden". The "Golden" Eagle is black with a rufous, not golden, nape, a character moreover not observable in nature. The modern Greek stavráetos is a translation of this foreign word understood as "crossed, in the shape of a cross" instead of "cruising"
Sbc.golub krstarpigeon, 254, 255 (see kriziç, above)
Anc.Eg.kres(borrowing) circle
Franç.croiserto cruise (cf. Lith. skraidyti, above)
Engl.crossto go through; crucible "a kind of vessel", French creuset, relates to creux "hollow", not to Lat. crux "cross" (as in Klein)
Engl.cruiseto travel about

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