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4.2.9 c-rk Circle, crown, summit; cercle, couronne, sommet

Votiakdzergessmall hawks, 223
Vogulšerkes', šarks, cargešsmall hawks, 223
Soghdiancrkssmall hawks, 223
Assyr.cirkuSwallow, 316
Lettishcurkste, ciurkysSwallow, 316
Pers.carxbirds of prey, wheel or certain objects moving in a circular motion
Pers.cargh(Hindi id.) falcon
Bulg.cerkezHoopoe, 263
PashtocergakHoopoe, 263
Anc.Greeksérkos alektryonliterally "crowned cock"
Afgh.: Pashtotsarcrested; Hoopoe, 263
Pers.sarhead, point
Pers.šarifeminent, illustrious
Pers.šuraifname of the highest mountain in Arabia
Bulg.cigansko i carHoopoe, 263
Russiancartsar, emperor
Lat.caesar(evidently a borrowing from Germ.) emperor

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