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5.1.13 tr-d

Gael.I.truidSong Thrush, 339
Gael.I.truideogSong Thrush, 339; Corn Bunting, 445
Franç.: VDtredontumult, din, uproar, FEW 23: 197
Franç.: Périg.tridorattle, FEW 23: 200
Franç.: Gasc.tride et var.Song Thrush, 339, 340
Franç.rég.tride et var.Corn Bunting, 445
Cymricbras-y-druttanCorn Bunting, 445
Gael.I.treathantumult; ocean
Cat.tritsong of the thrush, 339
Lat.trutilare, trucilareto sing (thrush), 339
Lat.tritinnireto sing (de l'"hirondelle" = Black Swift, 321)
Franç.: Vendéetritagerire strident, FEW 22: 70
Franç.stridentgrating, creaking
Ital.reg.stridac, tridaraisCorn Bunting, 445
Gael.I.druidStarling, 293
BretondredStarling, 293
CymricdrudwySong Thrush, 339; Starling, 293
Lat.druidae (Cic.), druides (Caes.)those who preached or taught (borrowing from Brythonic; not from a hypothetical *dru "oak" on which mistle was supposed to be picked. Mistle never grows on oaks). The term is of acoustic origin

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