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Anc.Greekkrotèoto clatter
Anc.GreekonokrotalosPelican, 203. Pour diverses orthographes et corr. de ce mot dans la litt., v. Ch. Gossen, 1974
Anc.Greekkrotalitzeinto clatter
Lat.crotsolareto clatter (White Stork, 127)
Lat.ciconia crotalistria(Petronius 55: 6) White Stork, 127
Ital.: GardenacrutónRaven, 283
BadiacrotunTurkey, 5
FriulicrotarGrey Heron, 118
Esp.croto, ocróto, "croio"Bittern, 125 or Least Bittern, 124 (Prov. routaire). These names have also been erroneously attributed to "pelican" (which does not occur in the Iberian peninsula) because of the ressemblance to the Greek onokrótalos; "croio" (litt.) est certainement une err. pour croto
Engl.crater-cranGrey Heron, 118
Franç.crételerto cackle (domestic hen, 2)

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