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Ital.domenicoSunday, dimanche, le jour où l'on s'habillait de belles couleurs; "jour du Seigneur" est une étym. d'influence religieuse; cf. damelle et domelð3.3.14.10.
GalicedominguesoBarn Owl, 238, cf. dameð3.3.14.10.
Prov.doumengauoronge (a red mushroom spotted with white)
Esp.: And.dominga, dominicaa variety of pomegranate
Ital.: Bol.sturnel dumenicanRose-coloured Starling, 295
Prov.doumenicanStonechat 353, ou Black-eared Wheatear, 350
Esp.dominicaTraquet rieur, 351
Esp.: Mal.dominicoBlack-winged Stilt, 156
Cat.dominicoPuffin, 73
Franç.dominicainDominican, a religious order, cf. frèreð3.2.45.
Ital.: Piem.gabiousna dominicanaShrike, 325
Ital.: Imolecudazèna duminicanaWhite Wagtail, 313
Ital.reg.domenicano et var.Goldeneye, 54; Tufted Duck, 48
Ital.: Sic.gadduzzu domenicanuTurnstone, 190
Ital.: Sic.siretta dumenicanaSmew, 62
Ital.: Tosc.gaggia dominicanaMagpie, 288
Ital.: Piem.piviè duminicanLapwing, 158
Ital.: Romapiviere di san domenicosand plovers, 163, 164
Esp.luminica(d>l) Marbled Teal, 47
Roman.duminiceacreeping jenny Lysimachianummularia; also a white butterfly speckled with black
Sbc.dumnica(Romance substr.) Marsh Tit, 395 Lapwing, 158
Germ.reg.domenekchen(Romance substr.) Wren, 406, cf. domnusul, hereunder
Nederl.domeniePied Oystercatcher, 155, also bonte piet
Nederl.dominés lijsterRing Ouzel, 344
Franç.dominoa game characterized by white dots on a black background; a masked ball costume (marked with numerous polka dots); a marbled, varicoloured paper; a variety of plums (see damas)
Franç.: Ile MauricedominoPintado Petrel, French Damier du Cap (a chequered bird)
Franç.dominoteriemanufacturing of coloured papers (domino, above)
Roman.domnut, domnisor etc.Goldfinch, 415
Roman.domnusulWren, 406 (Ital. domina)
Roman.domnisoarâAvocet, 157; White Wagtail, 313
Roman.vacâ domnuluiladybug
Roman.cârâgâcioare-domnuluiMagpie, 288 (cf. ital. gaggiadomenicana above)

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