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Ital.N.magas et var.Tufted Duck, 48; Pochard, 50; Goldeneye, 54
Ital.: TImogaid.
Ital.: Sic.mojaid.
Franç.: Mos.mogyèsspark, FEW 23: 48
Franç.muguetlily of the valley, cf. morguetteð3.6.19.; a disease causing small white patches
Esp. reg.maguetaStonechat, 353
Germ.reg.ekamaigJay, 290
Engl.magpie, maggy etc.Magpie, 288
Engl.maggieGuillemot, 74
Engl.meggyWhitethroat, 362
Engl.maggie-muffieLong-tailed Tit, 398
Engl.mag-owl, maggieBarn Owl, 238
Engl.: Scot.mag, mag-loonalso maak,nack,nauk Great Northern Diver, 65

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