Previous PageNext Page m-g Variegated; tacheté

Lith.medSarkaGrive litorne, 341
Alb.mexharcoral; a red-brown cow
Alb.maxhea black and white sheep
Engl.smudgeto mark with smears ("origin unknown")
Engl.madge etc.Magpie, 288
Engl.madge-owlBarn Owl, 238
R.Rom.cot da matgHoopoe, 263
Ital.maggiothe month of May ð3.6.39.
Ital.: Fior.galletto di maggioHoopoe, 263 (by folk etym., it does not arrive in May)
Ital.: Ven.galeto megiarolo, g. mejaroloHoopoe, 263

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