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3.6.26 m-dr Spotted, tacheté

Franç.madréspotted, veined
Franç.rég.pic madréGreat Spotted Woodpecker, 273
Franç.nordmadréa spotted dog
Franç.: Gleizemadroûsesouillon, FEW 23: 190
Franç.: St.Polmadourseid.
Franç.: MartiniquemadrasBlack and White Warbler, 961
Franç., Engl.madrasa fabric with multicoloured plaids ans stripes, cf. damasð3.3.14.11.
Esp.maderawood (madré aspect; not from matera "matter"; wood is not characterized by being a matter)
Franç.: Antillescolibri madèrePurple-throated Carib, Eulampisjugularis

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