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4.2.4 k-r, k-r-kh, k-r-s Convex things, crest, head; choses convexes, crest, tête

Alb.kurrishump; krrutë hump-backed
Anc.Greekkoryscrest of helmet
Kurdishkoroscock, 2
Pers.xorus et var.cock, 2
Turkishkhoros(I.E. substr.) cock, 2
Afgh.xurös et var.cock, 2
Baluchikuroscock, 2
Svenskkurato squat (see also curracagð4.2.8.)
Germ.kauernto squat ð4.3.1.
Engl.cowercrouch in fear, whence coward and French couard (which has nothing to do with Lat. coda "tail" (as in Klein); for crouchð4.2.6.
Gael.S.currachagTufted Duck, 48
Gael.S.curracagLapwing, 158 (v. 4.2.8)
Anc.Greekkyriosprincipal; master, lord
Gael.I.cawrgiant; o.liter. caur hero

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