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Bretonkastelllarge cloud; crow's nest, top; body(of vehicle)
Franç.: Gasc.castilhoueminence, mound
Franç.: Gasc.castilhatin a high position
Franç.: FRchâtelerremplir par dessus bord
Franç.château, castel-, châtel-,numerous toponyms of places where castles have never existed, but that are aracterized by a prominence
Franç.: VStsaté, tsateletnumerous oronyms
Ital.castellocastle, French château:prominent construction
GallegoCastrotoponyms frequent in this region where Greek influxes are well documented (see Kastoriá, hereunder)
Lat.castrumfortress; no possible relation to castrare "couper" or castus "pure" (as in Klein sub castrametation and castrate)
Franç.Castresa locality
Franç.: Uriménilchâtrebird's crest
Engl.castmold; bird pellet; group of performers; a couple or little group of trained falcons. Convergent with to cast "throw etc." which is of kinetic origin
Engl.castera metal container; small wheel on a swivel un der furniture
Engl.castorcallosity on a horse leg (another spelling for the preceding)
Mod.GreekKastoriáa locality situated on a very prominent peninsula.
The folk etym." "parce qu'on y élevait des castors (beavers)" was suggested by the fur industry for which this city is known.There exists no place so unpropitious to raising beavers, and besides, beavers have never been raised in captivity. Other Mod. Greek toponyms: Paleokastron etc.

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