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Anc.Greekhyboshump (of camel)
Anc.Eg.hb, hebA massive animal, whence hippopótamos (Goedicke, Hans, J.Indo-EuropeanStudies 1973: 316-317). This animal cannot be likened to a horse by any stretch of imagination
Anc.Eg.hip, hippenIbis (long curved bill)
Lat.ibexa kind of mountain goat with long curved horns (Span. ibice appears to be a calque of Lat..)
Turkishibik(pre-Osman substr.) bird crest
Germ.reg.heubellercheCrested Lark, 299
Germ.: Suissehueb, hubel, gubelmound, hill
Germ.: SouabehobbhahnHoopoe, 263
Engl.hubcentral part of a wheel, core, pivot, heart, centre of activity
Engl.hoba rustic, a clownish lout, cf. goujatð4.1.4.5.; projection at the side of a fireplace
Engl.hobbysmall horse (roundish or thickset; no kin to hobby, a species of falcon, or to O. French hober - as in Klein)
Engl.hobnaillarge-headed nail
Engl.hobnobto associate with; an informal chat (notion of group, cf. hub centre of activity). A tautonym, cf. nob, knobð4.7.2. (not "from habban to have + nabban not to have" which is non-explanatory
Engl.hobgoblinevil spirit. A tautonym, cf. goblinð4.4.1.3.; so named because of its pointed, curved hat with which it is usually represented (not "a special use of Hob for Robert" which is also non-explanatory)

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