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4.5.3 b-l, w-l, g-l Rounded things; choses arrondies (continuation of, suite de 4.5.1)

Engl.bully"applies to birds, fishes etc. which are short and thick set"; tadpole
Engl.bullthick set animal
Engl.bulldogthick set dog
Engl.bullfinch etc.thickset bird, Dutch bolvink id.
Engl.bull-bird, bull's eyeRinged Plovers, 163, 164 (roundish birds)
Engl.bullyhead, green bullGreenfinch, 416
Engl.bullhead et var.Plover, 162
Engl.bullheaded wigeonPochard, 50
Engl.bulrushTypha, plant with a cylindrical seedhead
Engl.bullthrushMistle Thrush, 340 (the largest thrush), cf. Ital. bottacioð4.5.19., Breton bondraskð4.5.15.
Engl.bellthrushMistle Thrush, 340
Engl.bellyrounded part of the body, bulge
Ital.bellicónebig jar
Engl.billowsurge, swell, bull
Ital.billoTurkey, 5
Franç.billesmall ball
Franç.belonflat and rounded oyster
Franç.rég.reibelet et var.Wren, 406
Franç.: CantalpotobillouWren, 406 (also 4.5.20)
Franç.bille-culalso bi,bion,billeri,guilleri Little Grebe, 70, cf. botaculð4.5.19.
Dutchbilthe posterior
Engl.billyvarious thickset, roundish birds: Puffin, 73; Grebe 70; Guillemot, 74, Blue Tit, 391; also: unfledged bird; (Amer.) a club, see cudgel 4.1.14
Engl.billy-hooterTawny Owl, 239 (rounded head)
Engl.old-willBarn Owl, 238 (rounded head)
Engl.bill, will, willockPuffin, 73
Engl.billy-goatthe massive male of the nanny-goat
Engl.willy et var.Guillemot, 74; Puffin, 73; fishtrap basket; proper name (cf. Thomas ð4.4.8.1.)
Engl.willy-fisherLittle Grebe, 70
Engl.williama kind of pear (swollen at base)
Engl.master williamsTawny Owl, 239 (cf. billy-hooter, above)
Cymricgwilem, wiliogGuillemot, 74
Franç.guillemotGuillemot, 74
Franç.guillaumea kind of pear (cf. william); Guillemot, 74; poppy; scarecrow; a given name (originally: big and short man, cf. Thomasð4.4.8.1.)
Engl.swellto grow in bulk, etc.
Engl.wallembankment, bulwark, battlement, etc.
Franç.villecity, cf. gorodð4.5.19., townð4.4.8.2.; also wyl, romance residue it toponyms (Allswyl etc.)

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