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Kurdishmirprince, chief
Franç.morganatiquepertaining to a form of marriage in which a person
of high rank marries someone of lower rank with the stipulation that neither the spouse nor the children will have any claim to the titles (the sense of haughty appears clearly, cf. preceding and following terms); certainly not from Germ. morgengabe "gift from husband to wife on day after wedding"
Franç.morguehaughtiness, arrogance
Gael.S.moireashaughtiness, height; Gael.I. moireis id.
Anc.Greekmyriásinfinite number, innumerable crowd
Engl.morein greater quantity, cf. masð4.7.5.
Alb.morigreat quantity
Franç.: VSmoronmouron
Franç.mouronchickweed; plante sans caractère notable mais qui pousse en grande quantité
Franç.mergreat quantity (of water,etc.). Engl. moor, marsh,
French mare, marais appear to be semantically unrelated: their characteristics cannot be compared to mer the sea. Marsh and marais have long been considered as bad (source of malaria, untillable environment); in moor,mare, marsh, marais one should rather see the root m-r "bad" from which derive numerous European terms such as Engl. tomar "spoil, injure", Anc.Greek maranathá "malediction", Anc.Greek marasmós "wasting, decline", ON merja "to injure, crush, Lat. martyrus, French mort "death", Skr. márate "to die", Lith. mirti id., Lith. mérdéti "to agonize", Germ. mörder "murder", Lat. morbidus "sickly", Anc.Greek smerdaléos "frightning", French merde "excrement etc. The same root is also found in Semitic languages: Arabic marida "to be sick", Ugarit. mrs id., Anc.Eg. mr "to be sick, suffer, die" etc.
Gallegoalmeirolarge troup (of sardines, birds)
Franç.marihusband, cf. masð4.7.5. and manð 4.7.9
Arabicmari`viril; maru`a to be viril; Mande mari monsieur; Australia marri homme
Berb.tamàrapower of action; important personne, mrìmaster
Skr.máryasyoung man
Anc.Eg.nrto be strong, mighty
Cymricnerhero; nerth viril; o.Ire. nerth hero
Etr.neriman; Umbr. nerus id.; Oscan nerorum of the man
Anc.Greekanèrman; Arm. ayr id.
Skr.nar-noble man
Franç.arg.marre (en avoir)to have enough, to be fed up
Franç.centremarretblock of wood
Bretonmarc'hhorse: large animal

very large thing

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