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Engl.: Scot.wheepmake a shrill noise; Lapwing, 158
Engl.weepto cry
Engl.reg.wypeLapwing, 158
Franç.nordgouèpeSong Thrush, 339
Esp.guapearto boast (of one's courage, one's clothes)
Esp.guapohardi etc.; full of ostentation; ostentatious, vain, spruce, neat
Bretongoapmockery, deceit
Cymricgwepia et var.Kestrel, 234
Ital.gheppioKestrel, 234
Germ.reg.gîpen et peep (chick, 2)
NorskvipiLapwing, 158
Svenskvipa, hvipaid.
Franç.: Norm.vipiid.
Lat.vipioan unidentified bird, prob. the Lapwing
Franç.rég.viperto shriek [whence vipère, viper, snake (causing
people to shriek). No possible relation to Lat. vivere "to live" or parere "to bring forth". Viper is not a scholarly word and the people who gave its name did not know either Latin, nor the fact that this reptile is viviparous, which is in no way one a characteristic feature. See also vouivre, guivre ð5.23.9., and the following]
Ital.: Piem.gambeta viperinaRedshank, 174
Slk.vípkaSong Thrush, 339
Ukr.vypBlack-headed Gull, 90
Franç.rég.hipeypousser des cris de joie, FEW 4: 418
Franç.rég.hiperappeller de loin
Engl.hip hipcall of sport players
Engl. hype(diphtong.) swindle etc. may belong to this group.
Esp.: Cast.hipidocri
Esp.hipar, jipartumult, noisy entertainment
Anc.Greekhippárion, hippalektronunidentified birds
Anc.Greekhyperionísa hawk (prob. the Black Kite, 115, from its neighing)
Anc.Greekhypotriórchèsa hawk (see preceding)
Anc.Greekhippè, sippè, sittèGreen Woodpecker, 270
Engl.reg.hickymouseBlue Tit, 391
Engl.reg.equah, hickwawGreen Woodpecker, 270
Engl.reg.icwellGreat Northern Diver, 65
Engl.reg.equal et var.Green Woodpecker, 270
Franç: FRégamare
Anc.Greekpègasos(a borrowing, with prosth. /p/) winged horse
Esp. reg.yeguaceroGreen Woodpecker, 270
Esp. reg.pájaro yegueroGreat Spotted Cuckoo, 262
Esp.: Mex.yeguaRuddy Duck, AM177
Esp.: ChileyeguaSooty Shearwater, Am104
Esp.Cub., Col., Ven.yaguanaBlack-bellied Tree Duck, AM169
Tokh.yuk, yakwehorse
Gael.I.eachhorse (OE "eoh" horse is a misreading for O.Irish ech)
Engl.yuckfitCommon Snipe, 194
Germ.reg.yokkeinTawny Owl, 239
Germ.reg.taljokel, holzjoggelBrambling, 433
Germ.reg.juchzento call, jubilate
Mod.Greekyáchadown with !
Mod.Greekyókisandpipers, 180, 171
Anc.Greekianchos"call of the Bacchants"
Sbc.ikavacBrambling, 433
Czechjikavec, ikavecid.
Anc.Greekiygè, iygmacri
Anc.Greekiynxcertainly the Green Woodpecker, 270, v. hippè etc. above
Mod.Greekixossound, noise, resounding
Anc.Greekèchosound, noise, > French écho, Engl. echo
Germ.(OHG)jehansay, declare
Bretoniezlanguage, Cymry (o.liter.) ieith id.
Anc.Greekiakchèloud cry
Skr.yaksatito revere
Engl.(slang)yackto chatter
Germ.Lux.jäkchen, gäckerWhitethroat, 362
Germ.gackeln, gackernto cackle
Ital.:V.Verzascaiácomdomestic hen, 2
Ital.: Berg.barbajàcomWren, 406
Ital.giocolareto joke, jester (giuoco game is of kinetic origine)
Engl.jokegag, prank etc.
Engl.jockeymaquignonner, combiner
Franç.jacasserparler d'une voix criarde; to call (Magpie, 288)
Franç.rég.jacasse et var.Magpie, 288
Franç.rég.jacardeFieldfare, 341 (cf. japaire, above)
Franç.centreiacrotpetit chien qui aboie; enfant qui crie, FEW 22: 8
Franç.jacotparrot, 260
Franç.jaqueterto chatter; to call (Magpie, 288)
Sbc.dzakatito make noise
Sbc.dzagatito chatter
Czechjekatito clatter (teeth)
Lith.zagataMagpie, 288
LettishzagataMagpie, 288
Lettishzadjinàtto chatter

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