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5.8.6 k-nt

Anc.Greekkomptéoto sound, to brag
Lat.computare(< Mod.Greek) calculate
Frenchcompterto count. Different from conter, hereunder
Eng.countto enumerate
Gael.I.caintlanguage, to speak
Franç.conterto narrate
Alb.kantec et var.domestic cock, 2
Bulg.kântjáto sound
Roman.cîntato crow
Roman.cîntuto wail (at funerals); to play an instrument
Engl.cantauction, sales talk, jargon; to beg
Engl.: Scot.chantto chatter pertly
Engl.: Scot.chantychamber pot (cf. cántero, hereunder)
Engl.kentish crowHooded Crow, 281
Franç., Engl.incantationrepetitious wordiness, magical words
Prov.: Varencantunáse fâcher, FEW 22: 46
Gallegocantéinterjection, see catað5.9.5.
Ital.cantosong, warbling
Esp.cantarto sing, recite, creak etc.
Franç.chant, chanson, chantagesong, blackmail etc.
Engl.chinting-houndBlack-headed Gull, 90
Ital.cánterochamber pot, chanty (above) (produces a sound when filling, cf. next word)
Esp.cántarodecanter (produces a gurgling sound when emptying)
Ital.cantaride, cantarellaSkylark, 297; kantharis, hereunder
Anc.Greekkantharisa beetle emitting a grating sound when seized
Port.cantadeiraGarganey, 43
Franç.: Amienscanteusedomestic duck, 40
Germ.reg.kanterdomestic duck, 40
Engl. decanter a kind of bottle, see cántaro above, and canteen
Franç.chantepleurespiggot (subject to dripping)
Franç.cantinecanteen (noisy place); a kind of bottle, cf. decanter and Span. cántaro, above (not < canto "corner")
Ital.cantonierecharlatan; camelot

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