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7.4 -k-s(l)> -(k)s(l)

Franç.axeaxle, etc.
Lat.AxonaAisne: fluvial passage (cf. Asconað7.1.)
Lat.ExonaEssone: river of axis
Engl.axean implement ð193., Ital.
Engl.Exename of a river
Franç.Auxona locality
Franç.Auxonnea river
Franç.Ax-les-Thermesa town located in a valley of passage (Pyrenees)
Franç.Axata town in the Pyrenees (Aude)
Franç.Aixa river west of Mâcon
Franç.: SRChâteau d'Oexa locality situated in a valley of passage
Franç.Auxoisa locality, an oronym, see Alise-Sainte-Reineð7.7. and Ozeð7.9.
Franç.Auxerre, Auxelles etc.localities

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